Bumifood Agro Industry is the pioneer of Indonesia’s cashew nuts processing and exporter. We have continuously grow for more than 50 years and innovate our products with the food industry trend. Our team of expertise source high quality Cashew Nuts from all over Indonesia and process it into a selection of Cashew Kernel grades. We export Cashew Kemel and also process these cashew nuts further to create an added-value products, sold in retail market as well as overseas.

Under the management of PT. Bumifood Agro Industry, we process 2$000 tons of raw cashew nuts annually. To implement an eco-friendly environment in our factory, we put great effort in minimizing our waste. One of the program includes processing our waste into Cashew Nut Shell Liquid (CNSL). The annual tumout reaches an impressive 2,400 tons of CNSL which can be used for industrial purposes and the raw material for Cardanol.