PT. Bumifood Agro Industri (BAI) together with PT. Dozen Bagus Indonesia (DBI) in East Java-Indonesia cooperate to produce a new alternative of fuel source, a Briquette Minitan. The product is mainly based on charcoal of coconut shell and developed by Korean technology with long experience to be an eco-friendly briquette for many purposes. The factory capacity is ± 250 MT/month and we are ready to be a solution to renewable energy with high quality and performance.
The Usability of Briquette Minitan:
  1. Energy substitutions for household or industry
  2. The fuel for barbecue or product-grilled based (e.g. seafood, etc.)
  3. Burning material for sisha (cigarette smoke)
  4. Combustion or other heating systems for various of needs
  The Strong Points of Briquette Minitan:
  1. More efficient
  2. Steady heat temperature for combustion (50-60 mins)
  3. Low risk for explosion
  4. No sound and air pollution
  5. Eco-friendly and safe